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React / Sitecore Developers - Denmark's leading CMS

Digital First, TDC Business
🏢 Digital First, TDC Business 🇩🇰 København, Denmark 🕑 March 29

This job offer is expired

We need developers who can help us wield the power of Denmark's leading CMS. Join us in turning around the way of working in one of the largest companies in Denmark, learning from some of the coolest brands in the digital world.

Developers - with short or long track record

We are looking for developers, who are excited to take a leading role in ensuring that TDC delivers the best customer experience in Denmark. If you are a strong .Net developer or know your way around React, then we would love to hear from you. Ideally, you also have experience with the Sitecore Experience Platform. However, we are looking for both senior developers with notches in their belts and experiences to share, as well as junior developers with a glow to grow senior with us.

Start-up like environment with cool new technologies

In Maximus we have Sitecore as our main platform for serving our web pages, creating our content and gathering statistics. Additionally, we are working with some cool technologies like React.js, microservices running on Kubernetes/OpenShift, with SmartBear and Cucumber, supporting fully REST-based APIs.

Maximus is basically a company within a company with a young start-up like culture that you will be part of shaping from day 1.

Where consumer-facing companies have become increasingly more customer centric, business-to-business companies are still lagging far behind.

We want to change this and have started an innovation garage called Maximus. Our goal is that the customer has the best possible experience – no matter which channel they are contacting us through. In here, we work in cross-functional teams with business, IT, marketing, design and sales sitting together. Corporate reporting lines have been removed and the team has been given full mandate to reinvent our customer experience. Here, you don't get leading roles because you have been here for a long time, you get leading roles by taking initiative and showing the way. We strongly believe in cross-skilled engineers being part of showing the direction, not just following along and solving tasks within their single area of expertise.

Be part of journey - in Copenhagen or Aarhus

If we have caught your attention, please do not hesitate to apply, or reach out with any questions to Michael Levring (our Dev Lead) on tel: 2494 9769


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