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A high tempo-loving front-ender

🏒 hitta.se πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Stockholm, Sweden πŸ•‘ March 29

This job offer is expired

hitta.se is a very well-known search company in Sweden. Indeed, we are one of the top Swedish sites in terms of traffic. If you fantasise about working for a leading edge search company then hitta.se is an exciting choice.

As a front-ender you are part of the business team which includes 3 developers and one project manager. We work very close with the sales department and develop new products for our customers and businesses on hitta.se. Building new integrations for customers using their APIs is a common task as well. We work in a high tempo and have several releases every week.

Your profile, must-haves

  • Experienced from similar jobs
  • High knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Experience of Javascript framework, like ReactJS, JQuery, KnockoutJS or similar
  • Some experience of Java, Git/Github and Node/Npm
  • You have passion and energy! 

Your profile, nice-to-haves

  • Experience within Play framework and MongoDB
  • Some experience of backend is always good and will simplify your understanding and daily work.


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