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Product Engineer - Face Recognition - NLP

Aimee Blue
🏢 Aimee Blue 🇦🇺 Sydney, Australia 🕑 November 30

This job offer is expired

Aimee Blue is a startup utilising AI to produce practical products for business users. Facial recognition and Natural Language Processing are used creatively to make first to market products for small to medium businesses.

You will have the opportunity to be a key member the core team developing the main product MVP.

You will enjoy the freedom of design and architecture with no legacy to worry about.

You will convert ideas into products and contribute in product in a highly collaborative environment.

You will be directly reporting to the founder/product manager, enjoying a flat structure.

You can take advantage of share options in the company as a member of the core group.

The job

As a product engineer at Aimee Blue you will have a broader range of responsibilities than your fullstack counterparts and will be focused on delivering the highest quality product at the fastest possible rate. In addition to the responsibilities of the fullstack engineer your day-to-day duties will also include participating in product design and strategy, benchmarking AI and cloud services performance, market and technology research, analysis of customer feedback and undertaking data-driven analytics.

As a developer, you will be responsible for and participate in the architecture design of the products, developing backend services using a combination of serverless and stateful websocket services, using and integrating a wide variety of cloud and on-premise AI services and technologies, and participating in front end development and design

Technology stack

Our technology stack is unbiased, flexible and constantly growing, preferencing the best tool for the job. We are a small team who are very open to ideas, meaning you will have a major impact in the technology decisions and the technologies we use on a day-to-day basis.

Technologies you will be working across on a day-to-day basis include:

Front End: React.js, Redux, RxJS, Typescript
Back End: nodeJS, RxJS, NLP, serverless, Typescript
Dev Ops: Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Kubernetes, Docker

Growth potential

As the product proves itself, the team will grow and you can pick which areas you want to focus on. There is absolutely no other opportunity in the market with better potential growth!

Skills & Requirements

You have a natural ability to estimate and prioritise work.

You take great pride in your work and your passion is all things software.

You have strong communication and ability to work with designers, product managers, data scientists, marketing and sales, to deliver a great product.

You have awareness and understanding of technical constraints, resources, and opportunities. 

You understand the cost implications, performance and scalability constraints, and security principles that your products should adhere to, as well as the resources needed to fulfill those.

You will have strong interest in thinking about, and a deep understanding of the product.

You are very curious and innovative. You take risk, and that is why you have kept on reading this description.

You love playing with new toys, and at the same time you can focus on what is important and finish it off with pride. You can focus on practical solutions.

You are not afraid of failure, and know that behind each failure, there is a success story waiting to be told.

You don’t like a 9 to 5 working environment where you are told what to do.

Your CV is full of achievements you are proud of.

Salary is competitive, and you get the option to invest in the company.

Company offers a supper flexible working environment, including working from home.


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