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Frontend Engineer

Rasa Technologies GmbH
🏒 Rasa Technologies GmbH πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Berlin, Germany πŸ•‘ December 04

This job offer is expired

Rasa is the leading open source machine learning toolkit. Our software lets developers expand bots beyond answering simple questions, via natural language understanding. 

We're looking for a JavaScript developer with 3-4 years of experience, including some using React.


Bots made with Rasa are only as good as the data that goes in and our tools are designed to make that training process intuitive, interactive and power-user friendly. We have two great open source libraries in Rasa Core and Rasa NLU, and for our enterprise users we have Rasa Platform, a powerful set of tools that enhance the development process. We design our user experience to be simple, customisable and giving as much power to the user as possible.

Our codebase is a large React application with Redux state management and fully typed using Flow. We have an emphasis on functional programming, easily testable components and solving problems with high quality, maintainable solutions and minimum technical debt.


  • Come up with creative and sensible solutions to interesting and often unique problems (this may be your favourite part!)

  • Architect, code and test a large frontend codebase

  • Improve the user experience of our documentation (a crucial part of the product!)

  • Contribute, be it with code or informed feature requests, to our Python backend services. Those services support the frontend we make, but we also encourage our customers to use them to make their own tools, so API design is crucial.

  • Be involved in collecting qualitative feedback from customers

  • Contribute expertise to defining the future of the product, including features, priorities and UX.

  • Work closely with our other frontend developer, reviewing each others code and holding each other to a high standard.

  • Work with driven people across all areas of the company—from marketing and business development to machine learning research and UX design—to create the tools to let all makers build AI assistants that everyone can use.


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