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Front End Engineer

🏢 GoScript 🇦🇺 Sydney, Australia 🕑 April 06

This job offer is expired

The Company

GoScript is a fantastic new startup spawned from the successful Cammy group of companies that have developed state of the art home alarm products over the last few years. GoScript is a platform for automation of home and office smart devices. In this role, you will get the opportunity to be part of a core team developing the GoScript platform which will integrate with an array of home devices. You will be building a framework for global use by millions of home and business owners.

You will enjoy the best of both worlds. The support, resources and infrastructure of an established business, as well as freedom of design and architecture with no legacy to worry about.

You will join a team of 5-6 talented engineers to deliver great ideas in an innovative and highly collaborative environment.  

You will be directly reporting to the product architect, in a super flat structure.

The Role 

Like in any startup, this is a technically challenging job.

You will build proof of concepts for some outside the box ideas. You design, code, test and deploy the MVP product and keep adding fantastic features to it.

The platform needs to be secure, scalable, economical and most importantly, usable. Keeping the balance between these attributes is an art that you master.

Technology Stack

We are happy with Postgres, Node, React as the main components of our stack. Docker and AWS are heavily used.  We aim to move towards server-less architecture as much as practical. We constantly look at the vast array of services available, and we tend to try to avoid re-inventing the wheel, focusing on what our own added value is.

Growth potential

As the product proves itself, the team will grow even further, and you can pick which areas you want to focus on. There is absolutely no other opportunity in the market with better potential growth!

Skills & Requirements

You are able to code with your eyes closed. You take great pride in your work, and your passion is all things software.

You have a proven experience building front-end using ReactJS. However, you can get your hands dirty developing some backend services if needed.

You are very curious and innovative. You take risk, and that is why you have kept on reading this description.

You love playing with new toys, and at the same time you can focus on what is important and finish it off with pride. You can focus on practical solutions.

You never quit. You never leave a job half done.

You are not afraid of failure and know that behind each failure, there is a success story waiting to be told.

You don’t like a 9 to 5 working environment where you are told what to do.

Your CV is full of achievements you are proud of.

Salary is competitive, and you get the option to invest your bonus in the company.

Company offers a friendly environment with lots of perks like games area, Zen room, daily breakfast, beer on tap, monthly massage sessions, and gym membership.

Sound like you? then please apply now, and we can get back to you!


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