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Sr. Full Stack Software Engineer

🏢 Moz 🇨🇦 Vancouver, Canada 🕑 January 29

This job offer is expired

Moz is looking for an experienced Full Stack Software Engineer to join our web and inbound engineering team. The team is responsible for Moz.com (our main web property) and supporting services including: user authentication, signup process (including PCI compliance / GDPR), customer tracking/engagement, mailing service, and a number of other services used by Moz products.

This role will be based in our Vancouver, BC office but will be working daily with the Moz.com team based in Seattle. As such, we’re looking for someone with the experience to operate comfortably with a remote team.

What’s Important to Us

  • High technical quality. We know our stack and tools and how to use them effectively. We are improving code and practices constantly.
  • A commitment to shipping. It’s important to deliver, and we value getting new products and features to customers regularly.
  • Curiosity and motivation to learn. We’re always looking for opportunities for development and growth.
  • Product and customer focus. Our team is invested in the experience of the products we build beyond the code.
  • Collaboration. Team-focused communication, knowledge-sharing, and problems solving make us more effective.

What You’ll Do

  • Build tools and services to support Moz products and marketing efforts
  • Support deployment and delivery of front-end of Moz.com applications
  • Manage and distribute Moz customer data with other teams and third party partners
  • Work closely with both technical and non-technical teams at Moz to solve problems for the team and the organization
  • Build tests, logging, metrics collection, and alerts for all systems to ensure issues and errors are proactively identify and corrected
  • Take turns in the on-call rotation handling systems and operations issues as they arise, including responding to off-hours Pagerduty alerts
  • Ensure the quality and performance of Moz applications through code review, documentation, metrics and logging analysis, etc.

Experience We Want to See

  • At least 3 years web service development with direct impact on customer product experience or performance.
  • Proficiency in Javascript, particularly Node.js and React.
  • Experience maintaining production systems, responding to bugs and outages, managing uptime.
  • Time in a role with responsibilities outside of code, e.g. monitoring, instrumentation, operations, managing servers/containers, deployment, etc.

What You’ll Work With

  • Node.js
  • React
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Docker / Marathon / Mesos
  • Redis
  • Porting PHP / Python / Lua to Node.js


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