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React/mobX developer with Rails background

ZSA Technology Labs
🏢 ZSA Technology Labs 🌎 Remote 🕑 April 11

This job offer is expired

We make the world's most powerful ergonomic keyboard, the ErgoDox EZ. You will be helping us vastly improve our configurator, a Rails 5/React 16 app (https://configure.ergodox-ez.com).

You will be introducing sane state management, re-architecting the data models, upping test coverage, as well as introducing some great new features once all of this tech debt has been dealt with. You're not a rockstar, nor a ninja. Hopefully you're simply a nice human being who wants to make solid software together.

We're a tiny company. You'd be working with me (Erez Zukerman, the CEO, who's also a Rails/React dev). We'd be using simple, low-ceremony tools like Trello, daily standups, and some lightweight scrum (nothing crazy).

As part of the job, you will of course be getting one of our keyboards, fully specced out to your liking. Actually, bonus points if you already happen to have one. ;)

So the laundry list:

  • A mastery of React
  • Great frontend skills (CSSNext FTW)
  • Jest is our testing framework of choice
  • Bonus points if you know some Capybara
  • A liking of MobX and MobX State Tree (I do prefer it over Redux and have experience in both)
  • A liking of Rails (you don't have to be a Rails rockstar though)

I've been working remotely for 17 years now, so I get the culture. This is not about the hours -- it's about producing some great work together and making a sizable dent in the universe of mechanical keyboards.

How to apply:

Don't send us a resume, please. Send a great email to contact@ergodox-ez.com answering the following:

  • What are the first three features you'd add to the configurator, and why
  • Why do you prefer mobX over Redux (or, why am I wrong to prefer it)
  • What is the thing you like least about agile?
  • Some examples of your work

Not all emails will get a reply -- my apologies in advance for that. On the plus side, I (Erez) will personally be reading your email, not some recruiter or an AI bot trying to filter you out. :)


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