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Senior Software Engineer - Front End (CSS/React)

🏢 Chegg 🇺🇸 New York, NY, US 🕑 April 17

This job offer is expired

Hi!  We're Chegg Writing Tools.  We build things like http://www.bibme.org/grammar-and-plagiarism/ & http://www.easybib.com to help students create citations & become better writers.

We're looking for a mid level CSS developer to join our ranks and craft clean, reusable CSS. You'll work alongside passionate developers, with tons of room for growth as a developer. You'll get the chance to work with exciting new technologies (React, Styled Components, Webpack, and much more), along with being on the forefront of creating a design language for Chegg with well crafted, themeable, reusable CSS.


  • Understand multiple ways to code a design, have the ability to choose the most effective option, and be able to elaborate on your choices
  • Have mastery of layout: position (absolute, inline, fixed), display (flex, inline, inline-block, table), and more.
  • Experience crafting reusable CSS
  • Understand box model, box-sizing, & specificity
  • Have fundamental UI / UX sensibilities
  • Understand the importance of striving for patterns, while being able to empower a design vision.
  • Know how to communicate, collaborate, and convey your ideas effectively to developers, designers, project managers, and stakeholders
  • Love crafting CSS and stay up to date with your education & knowledge.
  • You have an eye to detail, and strive for excellence


  • 3+ years experience with CSS & HTML
  • 2+ years creating responsive experiences for mobile & desktop
  • 1 year experience with React & Javascript


  • Experience with Styled Components 
  • Experience with Design Systems


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