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Senior JavaScript Developer

Aerian Studios
🏒 Aerian Studios πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Broken Arrow, OK, US πŸ•‘ April 18

This job offer is expired


We are looking for a talented and influential Senior JavaScript Developer to join our highly experienced team and help with the creation of amazing products and services to a range of clients. You will be working on new projects that primarily use React and React Native, but you will also work with and support systems using vanilla JS and jQuery. We are moving to TypeScript for many new projects, so experience with this or Flow is useful but not required. A knowledge of JavaScript tooling, best practices and optimisation in the browser, device and node is desirable. A thirst for learning and a willingness to enter into open discourse would be most useful. Every voice is respected and you will have a role in the evolution of our technology stack.

You will be working alongside our other developers and be responsible for writing world-class code deployed to millions of users on some of the most high-profile sites in the world. You will have the opportunity to work across a number of projects in a multi-disciplinary team with Product Owners, Designers, Developers, Architects and Testers (some of which could be client based). You will have  the opportunity to contribute to open source projects, including our own libraries, and will have time to develop your skills and work on research and projects of your own. You will be expected to provide time and resource estimates to assist in the planning of projects as well as mentor and coach less experienced members of the team.


• Writing robust web and mobile apps to demanding deadlines for a diverse range of clients.

• Working alone and in collaboration within multidisciplinary teams to deliver against project requirements and delivering to a high standard of quality.

• Lead on designing and building of all front-end components (UI, presentation layers, templates, and integration with data services)

• Work to best software engineering practices, and be abreast of new standards.

• Encourage and drive best practise Test/Behaviours Driven Development principles.

• Write concise, comprehensive technical documentation.

• Working with other project members to help explore and suggest appropriate technical solutions to achieve the required deliverables.

• To provide time and resource estimates to assist in the planning of projects.

• Learn new technologies and be able to apply these to projects as applicable.

• Working within an Agile Framework.

• To mentor and coach less experienced members of the team.



• A minimum of 3-5 years industry experience and / or a degree in Computer Science or related field with at least 2 years of equivalent experience.

• Extensive experience with ES6+ development

• Experience with at least one modern frontend framework, such as React, Angular or Vue.js

• Knowledge of OOP design patterns and awareness of JavaScript implementations.

• Experience of device-specific front-end implementation, adaptation to responsive design practises.

• Experience of writing CSS3 / HTML5 code to deliver responsive solutions.

• Experience of integration with web services / APIs.

• Familiar with Agile methodologies, iterative and incremental software development.

• Experience in version control systems (e.g. Git, Mercurial).

• Experience of working in a fast-paced commercial environment where products have to be delivered to fixed timescales.

• Experience of supporting, extending systems and code developed by teams other than your own.

• Experience working with operations teams to troubleshoot problems throughout the lifetime of an application.

• A working knowledge of security and optimisation within browser, device and node environments

Desirable Knowledge and Experience

• Experience working with React Native, Weex or other JS to native frameworks

• Experience with TypeScript or Flow

• Experience developing native iOS or Android apps

• Experience with Node.js and particularly Lambda

• Experience working with GraphQL

• Knowledge of developing Progressive Web Apps

• Experience working with static site generators such as Gatsby, Hugo or Jekyll

• Experience of TDD and automated acceptance testing practises.

• Knowledge of new upcoming web technologies and standards.

• A portfolio of open source contributions


The following competencies (behaviours and characteristics) have been identified as key to success in the job. Post holders are expected to demonstrate all these competencies when fully developed into the role.

Proactive - Looks ahead to anticipate and deal with issues in advance rather than reactively

Takes†responsibility - Taking ownership to ensure that outcomes are achieved

Team†working - Always taking a collaborative, constructive approach to working within a team, with the ability to lead and support other team members. Ability to navigate and manage client and stakeholder players, and work effectively across all team roles to align and achieve outcomes.

Communication and Influencing - The ability to listen and check understanding of others’ viewpoints. Able to represent a point of view clearly and concisely, using a range of different styles, tools and techniques relevant to the audience, with the ability to present well-reasoned arguments to convince others. Communicate clearly and proactively ensuring key messages, actions and outcomes are conveyed with appropriate clarity and emotion.

Analytical Thinking and Decision Making - Ability to simplify complex problems and processes into component parts to form a plan of action that enables delivery to meet the goals of a project. Able to form a rational decision based on all facts that are presented, with the ability to perform a logical evaluation.

Imagination - Ability come up with creative solutions to existing problems with an ability to turn ideas into reality.

Resilience and Flexibility - Able to remain highly motivated and committed to meeting challenging deadlines whilst managing own emotions in the face of pressure, increased workload, setbacks or when dealing with difficult situations. Positive about change & receptive to ideas, adapts to changing situations

Results Driven - Delivers on time / spec / budget with a focus on the end result to ensure successful delivery. Committed to achieving outcomes.

Open and Enquiring - A genuine interest in the subject that leads to enquiry and learning


Join a well-established, industry leading agency and team leading delivery of high-profile web, mobile and installation projects.

Be part of a highly skilled and experienced team of strategists, UX specialists, designers, developers, devops.

Competitive salary, 21 days holiday (rising after 3 and 5 years), long Christmas shut-down period; pension; electric car scheme; gym membership.

Make a real difference within a company that responds to and respects your point of view


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