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Software Engineer (Full stack, new product, great perks)

🏢 Smartly.io 🇫🇮 Finland 🕑 February 23

This job offer is expired

Join a new and exciting team inside Smartly.io, and help us build an emerging new product whilst enjoying a competitive salary and flexible work culture. 

Smartly is the leading platform for online marketing automation. Our clients trust us every year with over $1 billion dollars in Facebook ad spend, and recently we were voted Finnish company of the year.

The Team

We are a newer team within Smartly.io that has been tasked with finding opportunities to expand the company’s existing product offering further into the Google ecosystem. 

The team is still quite small, and includes 3 full stack software developers (Joel, Igor, Chris), a designer (Mala) and a Google domain specialist  / product manager (Karl). We work very closely with our early adopter customers, and this often involves travelling to be with them on-site in the countries they are based in. 

We are constantly ideating and experimenting, which means we’re regularly changing course and adapting to new discoveries whilst driving progress. Also, because we are more or less a green field project, we also enjoy opportunities to learn and use new technologies, as well as leverage the existing Smartly.io tech infrastructure.

We’re looking for a humble and hungry software developer like yourself to join our team, and help us to steer Smartly.io into unchartered territory -- we need your help to discover new and exciting ways to make our customers jobs easier and more enjoyable, and have fun ourselves on the way!

If you enjoy solving problems with large data sets, experimenting with new technologies and working in self organising teams*, then you might be that person  

* All teams at Smartly are self organising, meaning there is no layer of management that we report directly to - we lead ourselves and make our own decisions.

Ideally, you’re a full stack software engineer, but we don’t mind if you’re well rounded in both back end and front end, or have a preference for one over the other.

What we’re working with

We use microservices to facilitate flow and transformation of data between Google and our application. We’ve already built a few microservices of our own, and also interface with some of the existing ones that are apart of the broader Smartly.io infrastructure.

All sorts of processes and data transformations occur in these services, and we’re using a variety of technologies to facilitate this, some including:

  • Node.js service that provides application level functionality via a RESTful API, as well as internal cross service functionality. We use Typescript to keep things nice and sane.
  • Knex.js on top of PostgreSQL
  • Spring Boot (using Kotlin) internal API service that passes data in and out of Google APIs, using Reactor for data streaming.
  • An existing Ruby on Rails service responsible for transforming huge data sets using PostgreSQL and dynamic SQLqueries (based on user selection in our UI). Our team does not own this, but we often need to code new functionality to enable Google support.
  • Our UI uses React and Redux, and our build system for the front end is based on many of the usual front end suspects, such as Yarn, Webpack, Flow, Sass, etc. 
  • We contribute to the Smartly.io internal UI library, which is built with React and managed with Lerna.
  • We test our Javascript based applications using Jest and Enzyme.
  • We use a variety of tools to handle product intelligence, such as StatsD, Elastic Search, Kibana, Logstash, InfluxDb, Grafano, Telegraf, and more.

All our microservices run on Smartly.io’s broader Kubernetes infrastructure, and we use a wide variety of tools to facilitate continuous deployment, such Docker, Jenkins, Artifactory, Telepresence and more. There are many opportunities to use and learn DevOps technologies in our team, and we work with our in house DevOps team in an ongoing fashion.

Our designers use Abstract and Sketch to develop product ideas and components, and as developers we often are exposed to these tools (though not necessarily required to use them).

Across Smartly.io teams there are many other technologies in use, and as our new product grows, so do the number of opportunities to use new things.

Importantly, engineers at Smartly.io are in control of their own direction, and it will be up to you to determine what direction you want to go in.

Other challenges we need your help with

In general, building performant and scalable software at Smartly.io is a necessity, due to the huge volumes of data that flow through our application from many various data sources. This includes third party APIs, as well as our own internal services, and aggregating all this into something that is useful for our customers is somewhat complex to do, but highly rewarding for us.

Our team has been able to ease the above requirement a bit during our prototyping phase, but now that we are gaining customer adoption, the need to optimise for performance is once again becoming front and center.

If you have experience moving and transforming large amounts of data across different services and technologies, that would provide a huge amount of extra value into our team. If not, having a genuine interest in helping us do so is great!  

Benefits of working with us

  • Competitive salary + option plans.
  • Recharge yourself with full 5 weeks of paid annual leave.
  • Healthcare insurance/service.
  • Paid parental leave.
  • Wellness and personal development (books, conference tickets, etc.) reimbursement.
  • Work with the nicest and brightest teammates in a self-organizing team.
  • Opportunity to travel to meet customers, Facebook and Smartlies at our offices around the world via our Developer Rotation program.
  • Enjoy weekly breakfasts and quarterly dinners with the team.

What to expect from our recruitment process

We're growing fast and hiring for a variety of profiles. We’re looking for T-shaped people, who have a good command of the basics, and be specialized in anything from databases to domain expertise, UX, agile process understanding, and so on. Our development teams have different needs, and we believe the best way to find a perfect match is through a conversation with you. 

1. First meeting: before diving deeper into your tech skills, we want to know who you are and what motivates you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Smartly.io.

2. Technical interview: we’ll discuss areas relevant to you ranging from frontend development to networks, security, and development methods. We’re trying to get a clear overview of your skills and where you could learn more.

3. Coding exercise: we’ll be pair programming in Node environment to make sure that you can also code. Previous experience with Node.js or JavaScript is not necessarily required, as the session will be very interactive.

4. Meet your future team to learn what they are working with. After that the final interview with our Chief Product Officer and your team lead.

Who we are

Smartly.io is a fast-growing team of 300+ Humble Hungry Hunters. We are building a B2B SaaS product to fully automate and optimize online marketing at scale for the largest advertisers across the globe. We are a global company with 36 nationalities and footholds in 17 cities, serving 650+ brands across the globe, including eBay, Uber and TechStyle. 

We’re building the best product company to work for, where highly autonomous engineering teams can take full ownership of creating a world-class software platform. As an engineer at Smartly.io you get to tackle challenges of considerable scale and complexity. We develop our product at a fast pace and in close cooperation with the largest online businesses globally, including Uber and eBay.

We build tools that help our customers work more effectively. Our product is at the core of how business is done today: it allows brands grow their business online, across platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Google. We automate all repetitive manual work to help them grow their sales, not headcount.

Engineers at Smartly.io say they chose us thanks to the great work culture and smart colleagues. We only hire to elevate the team, not to delegate tasks, which means that everyone you work with is a true professional. We believe in self-organization, transparency and candid feedback—everyone can speak up and help make better decisions together. Learn more about how we work at smartly.io/culturehandbook.


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