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Lead Full-Stack Developer

🏢 Futurice 🇫🇮 Finland 🕑 February 26

This job offer is expired

We are looking for talented full-stack developers. Building usable digital services is your thing. You are responsible for being a hands on lead developer in projects, you might be coaching others to learn more, and definitely you'd be constantly learning new technologies yourself.

You love to create delightful web applications. A browser is not just a rendering tool, it's your medium of choice. You know how to build a smooth single-page app from the ground up in e.g. React, Angular, or Vue.js. You know what it takes to have your client talk with a back-end over a REST API, and even create one when needed. You set up microservices and backends with e.g. Node.js, scala or python. You're no stranger to HTML and CSS, or looking up DOM elements and setting breakpoints in Chrome's DevTools. You know how to minify, bundle, and get your code running on e.g. Heroku.

You like to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest happenings in the web development scene. You've probably come across technologies such as Redux, Elm, TypeScript, RxJS, Cycle.js or Purescript. Maybe you've even tried running your app on React Native to see how it compares to the web. You can appreciate high-quality web craftsmanship, good open-source libraries and tools and might have published a Node module or contributed to one.

Please send your application with evidence of your skills and motivation.


If you have questions before applying, you can contact Perttu Haliseva - our email addresses are in the form of firstname.lastname @ futurice.com.


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