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Software Engineer

Gourmet Plus
🏒 Gourmet Plus πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Singapore, Singapore πŸ•‘ March 10

This job offer is expired

As a generalist Software Engineer, you will be building out the initial product across multiple platforms, creating the features that our users will love and use. Ideally you are platform and language agnostic, able to program across the stack and have good software design.

You should have nontrivial experience in at least one of the following, and be able to learn another within a month:

  • Mobile/web framework (React Native, React, Redux)

  • Building backend services (Node, Golang)

You should have an understanding of good API structure, able to balance API usability with engineering concerns (performance, security, etc.).
As a product focused engineer, you have an interest in how the product functions, and deep empathy for your users, with awareness of the system and your own constraints.


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