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Javascript Web developer (Front End)

Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd.
🏒 Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ London, United Kingdom πŸ•‘ April 27

This job offer is expired


You’re a keen web developer with a track record for delivering clean, well tested code incrementally. You have experience working with modern javascript technologies such as React, Redux, web pack and node js but have strong core development skills that enable you to learn fast.

You understand and enjoy working with modern web architecture (eg, microservices, single page applications, cdns, cloud deployment, etc). You don’t expect to be handed a template by a designer, instead you enjoy having an input in solving UX/design challenge. You are used to using source control, checking code in regularly, giving and receiving code reviews.

You are aware of the best practices in how to write reusable and maintainable CSS.

You have a passion for great mobile applications and the technology that supports them. You live and breathe modern web tools and architectures. You write clear, reusable and maintainable code. You have an eye for great user experiences and an understanding of what makes them. You can navigate the security, performance and cost challenges that scale brings. You love music and making music, and you thrive in small, creative teams.


Your mission is to kickstart our cloud ambitions with our existing iOS applications at its heart. You'll nurture it alongside our exciting new apps (and our huge global user base) to stand on its own, a tool our customers will love. You’ll guide us by choosing the best platform and tools for the job, and work with the team during the design of new functionality. You'll also help us build the team as our apps and customer growth demands it.


  • Design and build web applications, led by user stories
  • Use and help develop our web services
  • Be a pioneer within our new web development team's growth
  • Discuss design and implementation details with the Blocs team


  • You have a portfolio of live web applications, that you took from conception to production
  • You have excellent knowledge of PAAS
  • You have a deep understanding of Javascript and your preferred frameworks
  • You are adaptable, autonomous and are able to manage your own time
  • You’re friendly and communicate well


  • Experience with a hybrid app framework such as Cordova or ReactNative
  • Familiar with OAuth, CDNs, Payment Processing Systems
  • Experience with SEO and data analytics


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