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React Developer

🏒 MojoTech πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Boulder, CO, US πŸ•‘ April 27

This job offer is expired

Job Description

Whether Back-End, Front-End, Full-Stack, Dev-Ops, or Mobile, a big part of what makes being a member of the engineering team at MojoTech so rewarding is the challenge. The job starts hard, and will only get harder. If you believe in constant improvement, and want to join a team that helps one another achieve that goal, please continue reading.

React Developers at MojoTech are experienced with React, Redux, and the larger React ecosystem and best practices.  You are expert with Javascript or Typescript and its nuances.  You understand browsers, the DOM, and how to build rich user interfaces.  You are committed to high-quality, reliable and maintainable code. You’re comfortable working closely with product managers, designers, and clients, to ensure the focus is on quickly delivering valuable working software to clients and their users. You’re pragmatic and agile, and have a strong desire to improve yourself and improve those around you. 

Skills & Requirements

The people we’re looking for should be able to check off all this:

  • 3+ years experience building front end or mobile applications, recently with React.js
  • Familiarity with Redux, Jest and many of the other tools and libraries used to build front end applications.
  • BA/BS in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • Understanding of version control (Git) and code documentation

And they should also be able to check off some of this:

  • Familiarity integrating with REST and GraphQL APIs.
  • Familiarly building GraphQL APIs
  • Proficiency with React Native mobile development; Android or iOS
  • Exposure to leadership roles, particularly on a development team
  • Experience working in an agency or as a software consultant
  • Contributed to open source projects or presented at a conference
  • Experience working directly with clients, leading projects, and mentoring engineers
  • Build and deploy 12-factor apps as part of a collaborative project team
  • Experience tailoring solutions to match client requirements and capability
  • Experience working in an agency or as a software consultant


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