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Full stack engineer: help automate our business!

🏢 MoveGB 🇬🇧 Bath, United Kingdom 🕑 May 02

This job offer is expired

Want to help make Move more efficient? You’re in the right place.

Our ops team have a bunch of human processes that scale linearly as we grow. We’re looking for a mid-level, full stack dev who can make them scale as O(ln(n)) or O(1) - by automating and refining our internal systems and tools.

You’ll work closely with our head of ops to understand the processes and identify opportunities for improvement. For example:

  • Write a webhook to listen for incoming phone calls; match the phone number to a customer in our database and pop up the relevant profile (internal webpage) for a customer service rep as they answer the call
  • Speed up onboarding a new activity provider, for example by using 3rd-party services to do address lookup and VAT-registration lookup automatically, rather than manually.
  • Track response times to incoming customer enquiries (via our CRM system’s REST API), identify where the team spend most time, and improve their workflow in these scenarios.

Longer term there’s an opportunity to become lead dev or product manager for our internal systems, if that’s your thing.

Your work will help thousands of people in the UK get active each day, and hundreds of fitness instructors find a market for their talent.

Our product/engineering team currently includes eight developers, three experienced product managers and two designers.

Stack outlook:

  • Backend: perl --> node, typescript
  • Frontend: server side rendered pages --> react
  • API: Rest --> GraphQL
  • Mobile: ionic --> react native
  • Infrastructure: AWS: EC2, ECS, RDS, Athena, ELB, Cloudflare.
  • CI: Jenkins & CodeDeploy

No applications from fully remote candidates please, we need to you to be on-site (Bath) at least 3 days per week, at least to start with.

No recruiters please.


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