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JavaScript Full Stack Software Engineers Node.js, React

🏢 Pragmateam 🇦🇺 Sydney, Australia 🕑 April 24

This job offer is expired

At Pragmateam we partner with digital organisations who need more delivery capacity and want to increase their capability. Practically this means that our teams work on-site at a client on a day-to-day basis, mostly in the Sydney CBD area.

Working in a highly collaborative team where your expertise will be highly valued, you'll work in a variety of different client domains, predominantly in environments where you’ll be involved in Product Development, working on a combination of new greenfield software development products as well as evolving existing products.

A bit about your experience here:

  • You'll work with people who are knowledgeable about great software design patterns and passionate about best practices in software development (and we hope you are too)
  • We work in clients employing continuous delivery practices such as CI, automated testing and continuous deployment
  • Working here you'll have the chance to work with a highly collaborative team that truly value quality software engineering practices and pragmatic delivery of great software.
  • With a culture of continuous learning we'll give you the opportunity to develop your skills, learn from others as well as share your knowledge.
  • You enjoy coaching others and helping teams improve and develop their capabilities, be that through pairing, Coding Dojos, Dev Guilds, influencing, 1-on-1's etc.

Why it's good…

  • You’ll have the opportunity to work across different domains, with a variety of different technologies.
  • You’ll share your knowledge and develop the skills of those around you, whilst writing code and learning every day.
  • A training budget that you manage for yourself. Decide if you want to go to a conference, spend it all on books or dedicate yourself to an online training course.
  • We choose our work and often say no, so people like the work that we do around here.
  • You'll be an integral part of a cross-functional agile team and contribute to all aspects of the iterative cycle.
  • We are highly integrated with client teams and this can provide a lot of job satisfaction as well as you truly being part of their product development.
  • The 'team' in 'Pragmateam' does mean something: we don't work in isolation but have a few of us in any given client so we can support each other
  • We have a culture of continuous feedback and you'll need to be comfortable giving and receiving feedback and sharing your knowledge and experiences with the team.

How you’ll stand out from the crowd:

  • We’re seeking polyglot developers who are keen to work predominantly in JS technologies and frameworks and who are pragmatic in approach and the languages they use.
  • You’ll have commercial experience in developing custom built web applications, ideally having worked with JavaScript and some of the usual (or unusual) Javascript frameworks such as React, VueJS or Node.js
  • Ideally you’ll have experience across the full tech stack with an interest in developing software both backend and front end.
  • We’re also hoping you’ll have experience with responsive web apps and HTML/CSS
  • You will likely have an interest in TDD and understand the benefits of writing tests first before starting on your code, and will have solid experience writing automated tests (unit, integration and end-to-end)
  • Solid experience refactoring code, ability to describe different refactoring techniques
  • You’ll have experience working in teams that use XP practices (eg. CI, TDD, pairing, small releases)
  • Experience with Object Oriented programming and be able to discuss design patterns and their applicability to different problems and solutions
  • Awareness of distributed architectures and micro-services and interested to learn more.
  • Involvement in the community as a participant, contributor, presenter or organiser

Interested? Why not apply here or you can take a look further at Pragmateam here:



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