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Javascript Developer

🏢 Zaaksysteem.nl 🇳🇱 Amsterdam, Netherlands 🕑 May 14

This job offer is expired

Zaaksystem.nl is looking for a front-ender who knows everything about frameworks such as React and Redux. Someone who believes that components should be future-proof, scalable and reusable, because you won’t find anything if you keep implementing the same algorithms.

In other words: no tampering that results in code which, after a year, is more difficult to decipher than hieroglyphs. Instead, what we are looking for is systematic, modular and systematic programming, so that even a front-end novice is able to understand the structure in no time. Together with a team of API specialists, front-end developers and designers, you build unique open source systems that allow the government to work completely digitally. 


We are looking for someone who is able to work with us to build a system from scratch. We’re building innovative and advanced software with a small (Dutch) team; software in which the frontend plays an important role. You are a coder who knows how to set up a critical app in a qualitative way. Storybook already runs in your environment; Docker builds are done without any problems and you know Webpack inside out. When you join Zaaksystem.nl, you’ll get a lot of responsibility and participation. This means that you also build on the technical vision behind the system. Think of:

  • Working on complex apps based on Material Design;
  • Developing Modular and reusable code;
  • Translating the understanding and needs of the users into (technical) long-term goals.


  • Experience with JavaScript and an application framework such as Angular, React+Redux/Relay, Vue.js;
  • Experience with ES6;
  • Extensive experience with build tools like Webpack;
  • Experience with NodeJS and command line tooling;
  • Experience in the field of E2E and unit testing.

Our promises

  • Great office space in Amsterdam, where we appreciate your vision and input
  • Leisure is important. Evenings and weekends are all yours
  • Real lunches, enough beer and top-notch work equipment (phone, laptop and needed tools)
  • Doing what you are good at and above all, giving you the space to become even better at it
  • Working on a single product. Getting "just-work" projects off the ground every 6 weeks is a thing of the past.
  • Last but no least: a good salary

About us

100% business-oriented work for innovators within the government who want to realize their ambitions! SaaS Zaaksystem.nl is the SaaS supplier within the government. Open Source Zaaksystem.nl believes in the power of cooperation and a fair way of handling (public) money. Organizations using our solution have control over the further development and everything is available to everyone! Scrum. At Zaaksysteem.nl we carry out all projects with Scrum as the project method. Scrum helps us to shape and deliver projects in a realistic way. It ensures fast tangible results, good cooperation and it facilitates the achievement of objectives.


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