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Lead Full Stack Software Engineer

🏢 Cantina 🇺🇸 Boston, MA, US 🕑 May 08

This job offer is expired

Lead Software Engineer
Full Stack JavaScript Engineer

Required Skills: Node.js, React.js, Redux, RxJS, Jest. Docker, Estimation, sprint planning, delegation and code reviewing. Strong command of software design patterns and an ability to communicate technical concepts to varied audiences. 
Desirable Skills: React Native, iOS or Android. Node.js, Java, Rails or other mainstream server-side architecture.

What are you about? You are a team leader who brings the highest level of technical excellence to your projects and project teams. You have high curiosity about experimenting with different technologies; You thrive on solving a wide variety of challenges; You like having fun with great coworkers in a flexible environment; Your Github account speaks for itself, but you’re eager to speak about it, too. You enjoy mentoring and coaching junior developers.

About you: You create quality software at a brisk but sustainable pace while following best practices. You can interact with a variety of stakeholders on strategic, high-impact projects. You enjoy working within small, tight-knit teams of diverse contributors. You prefer to use “the right tool for the right job,” and are excited by opportunities to acquire new skills. Your craft is software engineering, and no one language or framework defines you.

You should be a passionate full stack developer with a broad range of technical and consulting skills who has led and inspired small project teams. You should enjoy switching between various programming projects, ramping up quickly, regardless of the chosen technology, and delivering. In addition, you’re a people person. Teamwork and communication are just as important to you as is shipping high quality code.


  • Strong foundational knowledge of web, mobile and connected technologies
  • Ready and willing to ramp up on the “right tool for the right job”
  • Be motivated to work independently and over deliver
  • Know how to identify project issues
  • Github with relevant projects to showcase
  • Open source contributions
  • Backend / web service experience expertise


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