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Software Engineer

The Daily Beast
🏒 The Daily Beast πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ New York, NY, US πŸ•‘ July 04

This job offer is expired

The Daily Beast is looking for an experienced software engineer who is passionate about building software to power and support the success of online journalism. We as a company embrace technology and heavily invest in building custom software to support our business. The Daily Beast focuses on full stack solutions and leverages open source software where it makes sense and the engineers work on all parts of the stack each and every day.

For this position we're looking for someone who is a technology generalist and has familiarity with our tech stack. You will be responsible for the development of all the platforms we support including our backend services, CMS and main website, as well as off-platform products like Apple News and native mobile apps. You should be comfortable with principles of software development: Kanban, pair programming, testing and deployment. Most importantly, you should have strong opinions about software architecture and what tools to use to get the job done.

The software that powers the company is built in house by the engineering and product team. The technology stack is 100% JavaScript, built using Node.js and React and we use PostgreSQL as our primary datastore with GraphQL to transport that data efficiently. We use all of these technologies to their fullest and have successfully built a publishing platform that handles traffic from over a million users each day. Now we are looking for another engineer to join the team as we move forward with our vision of taking online publishing to the next level.

We manage all of our own infrastructure on AWS and our services handle a huge amount of traffic. We spend a lot of our time optimizing everything we build: from hand written SQL queries to building automated tests that check our lighthouse scores. Our business has outgrown a lot of off the shelf solutions and we build lots of tools that are custom to our needs. For example, we leveraged Kubernetes to build a custom CI/CD platform so each pull request runs in an isolated environment for testing, and deploys strait to production when merged to master.  We also consume a lot of our own data to power features like on site recirculation, search, and custom analytics.


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