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Senior Full Stack Engineer - Integrations

🏢 Deputy 🇦🇺 Surry Hills, Australia 🕑 May 16

This job offer is expired

Mission "The Why"

As a full stack engineer, you will be working closely with your peers on platform, product, design and leadership to build new tools and integrations for the Deputy platform, delivering services and products to millions of users and businesses from small & medium to enterprise. You will wake up every morning knowing full well that the work you do, from the user-facing experiences, internal tooling to integration and automation are being used to power the livelihood of millions of users worldwide.

Responsibilities "The What"

  • Apply expertise in developing back-end application and services in various languages (e.g: PHP, Golang, Node.js, Java). We mainly use PHP and Golang.
  • Apply expertise in developing front-end application and features in various languages & frameworks (e.g: Javascript, ES6, React/Angular/Vue)
  • Building internal tools and business integrations that will scale the business to millions of customers worldwide
  • Collaborate with our product and design teams to define feature specifications and timelines
  • Collaborate with our internal business teams (e.g: finance, data, sales and CX) to deliver tooling, integration and automation

Competencies "The How"

  • Language agnostic, have experience in a few languages: PHP, Golang, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python
  • Experience with scripting languages like Shell/Bash, SQL, etc
  • Ability to pick up new tools, API and languages quickly and efficiently
  • Understanding of Restful API design, OpenAPI, Swagger
  • Understanding of Service-oriented architecture, microservices
  • Understanding of a few storage engines, SQL (MySQL), NoSQL like Redis, DynamoDB or Cassandra
  • Solid understanding of what it takes to build a scalable system and techniques involved, e.g: Caching, monitoring, tracing, eventual consistency, queues, load balancing, etc.
  • Solid understanding of HTML/CSS
  • Solid understanding of Javascript (extensive) - ES6 + build tools around it
  • Understanding of Classic JS frameworks jQuery, Mustache, Backbone, or LESS/SASS
  • Understanding of Modern JS frameworks, e.g: React, Angular
  • Understanding of WebSockets, Local Storage and ES6
  • Understanding of Assets & build management tools, e.g: Grunt, Webpack, Babel
  • Able to bring to live UX and UI designs. Improvise when needed
  • Deep understanding of industry best practices
  • Understanding of TDD/BDD and it's implementation
  • Understanding of CI/CD pipelines and techniques

Nice to Have

  • Experience integrating with billing & payments systems like Zuora, Stripe, Braintree
  • Experience integrating with CRM systems like Salesforce


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