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Design-focused, mid-level JavaScript/React Developer for new product

Vox Financial Partners
🏢 Vox Financial Partners 🇬🇧 Belfast, United Kingdom 🕑 May 18

This job offer is expired

You’ll be the person responsible for building the front-ends to Opal, a cloud platform to create and manage Structured Documents: documents represented as data, created and managed programatically.

You'll be using JavaScript, React, HTML, and CSS to make the user experience sing. We don’t want your typical ugly enterprise app: it has to be elegant, delightful to use, and enticing during a demo.

As well as a magnificent web front-end, you’ll be working with Microsoft’s Office 365 JS API & Office Fabric to build document editing services right into the Word app.

Our clients will generally be financial firms in the world’s leading financial centers, primarily New York City and London. You may need to travel occasionally, but not often.

We don’t care about prior experience in our industry (fintech); frankly we’d love it if you came from a design agency or other non-enterprise background. We want someone to build a wonderful user experience, and you can learn about the business domain while doing so.

You’ll be doing some or all of the following:

  • working with our product manager to refine the UI/UX requirements
  • coding the front-end for the web and Office apps
  • writing some basic test packs. We won’t go overboard but we aren’t flying by the seat of our pants, either
  • in partnership with the CTO, the technical lead, and the rest of your team, defining and implementing standards for how we work: our agile methodology, coding standards, development tools, deployment practices, and more. This is a green field development and we want to use tomorrow’s best practices today.

We are looking for a smart person with initiative and good judgment, who works well with others, and who will always look to balance the urgent needs of clients with the long-term technical architecture for our product.

You need to have:

  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • an eye for good design. You won’t be getting detailed wireframes, so your role will be at least partly that of a designer
  • a minimum of three years’ experience using client-side web technologies with a solid knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, preferably gained from working at a design agency or product company
  • experience with ReactJS and knowledge of Node JS and webpack, as well as a unit testing framework such as Jest
  • prior experience working in agile 
  • a pragmatic, get-it-done approach to things developers often don’t like e.g. writing tests, updating documentation, and talking to clients
  • a desire to learn new things. For example, we have a Ruby on Rails API, so there is an opportunity for someone who has good front end skills to become a full stack developer.

A degree in Comp Sci or equivalent is great, but it’s not essential. It’s most important that you have good coding & design skills.

Any of these things will help you stand out:

  • opinions – preferably grounded in knowledge and experience 
  • experience on a team that has implemented a good continuous integration strategy (or if not, an awareness of the benefits of these strategies so you can champion them within the role)
  • Office 365 JS API experience would be wonderful (we know it’s a bit niche)
  • experience with Bootstrap or similar – we’ll be using Office Fabric, a similar library from Microsoft
  • working with RESTful API back-end components
  • development of a SaaS web product 
  • experience working within a distributed development model i.e. with people in other locations and time zones. We’ll mostly be Belfast-based, but we may use specialists in other places such as sales engineers in London and New York. 


Salary is dependent on your experience and skillset. As well as the basics - competitive pay and benefits – we offer work on a greenfield product, in a small startup-like team. We’ll invest so you have good tools to work with and we’ll keep your skills up-to-date with a budget for technical books, training, and the like.


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