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Lead Frontend Engineer

🏢 Futrli 🇬🇧 Belfast, United Kingdom 🕑 August 05

This job offer is expired

About the role

We're looking for a talented, creative and efficient Frontend lead engineer with experience to boot across a wide range of frontend technologies. You'll work in and across functional teams, having ownership and responsibility for the frontend aspect of our platform.

About You

You'll have a hands-on approach, focussing on structural integrity while maintaining high standards within the codebase. You’ll be driven to providing a consistent, scalable approach, finding new and innovative ways of keeping our frontend stack bleeding edge. You will be working closely with our backend engineers to help define the required APIs and services to keep our frontend data structure and API interactions consistent and fast.

You'll have a rich history in all things frontend, identifying trends in technology, anticipating and bringing forward architectural change proposals. You’ll have a solid understanding of not just JavaScript, but can see the benefits of TypeScript (and your opinions on it against Flow). You enjoy tinkering with frameworks such as React, Gatsby, Angular, Vue, Sass, Bulma, Express and popular FE libs. You exercise tools and experiment with microservice modules, Electron, production bundling toolkits and other new tech that catches your eye. Essentially, you live and breathe the frontend life! 

Experience within fin-tech is a bonus but not essential - you’ll need to learn and understand foundational accounting and forecasting principles with support from your team and many across the company.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Epic JavaScript experience (we use ReactJS in a microservice architecture, UI components libs and redux as state management). You know your way around component based, functional web frameworks
  • A thorough understanding of automation tooling such as Webpack, Rollup, Parcel or similar. You’ve taken a weighty project and streamlined it for use on production, at scale
  • Experience to know when the wheel should be reinvented and when to use an off the shelf, awesome open source solution
  • Strong software engineering fundamentals: design, testing (unit in Jest/Mocha etc but can see why adding a single snapshot test doesn’t mean it’s tested!), deployment and semantic versioning
  • Experience working within Agile Scrum/Lean/Kanban environment. Estimating and prioritising is important to you
  • Great communication skills to collaborate across development teams
  • Hunger to learn, consume as much knowledge as possible and take on new challenges
  • Not afraid to bring new, bold, innovative ideas to the table

If you have any of the following it's a great bonus, but if not you will also get the chance to work with:

  • Python
  • AWS, GCP, Azure or any other distribution platform
  • TDD and BDD
  • Working with talented QA engineers

What does success look like?

Success takes the form of a frontend ecosystem that our engineers love contributing to. A fast, streamlined experience for both users in production and engineers in development. A consistent approach to design/modules/implementation while keeping the tech fresh, using the right tools for the job. 

What we offer

  • A competitive salary based upon your experience
  • A highly motivated team of dedicated co-workers who love what they do and are passionate about building phenomenal products
  • 25 days paid holiday
  • A pension scheme
  • A brand new Macbook
  • An exciting and dynamic work environment
  • The opportunity to grow with a visionary company


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