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Lead Software Developer

PKC Security
🏢 PKC Security 🌎 Huntington Beach, CA 🕑 September 11

This job offer is expired

We are looking for Senior Software Developer to lead our growing team of excellent computer scientists. We’re looking for someone who enjoys multitasking and providing guidance across as many as 2-3 different client projects.

This job is a good fit for you if you enjoy getting your hands dirty and writing excellent code while mentoring and teaching the finer points of production-level developing.

What you will be doing day-to-day 
We expect roughly the following allocation of your time:

30% - Building out our in-house engineering teams who are working on client projects by providing individual mentoring, leading code reviews, and organizing discussions. 

70% - Pure coding on projects to complete sprint tasks.

More about PKC 
Our vision is to create new ways in the wilderness for the weak to know truth and live free. Our mission to get there is to solve impossible problems for visionaries.

We are a developer-heavy software consultancy that builds best-in-industry software and provides best-in-industry engineers for our clients. PKC is now entering its fifth year of operation. We are structured a bit like a law firm - flat, with several partners. We have a growing set of clients and projects, each with its own project lead and team of engineers. We love breaking new ground with our clients.

Tech stack 
We're polyglots! We've transitioned from using Clojure exclusively previously to using more Node.js and React.js for our upcoming projects, but are always open to new technologies that are aligned with the task at hand.

Frontend: primarily React.js. We do mobile apps with React Native, but have used Dart + Flutter as well. We use InVision/Sketch/Zeplin for wireframing + design.

Backend: formerly Clojure and have now transitioned to Node.js. Other things we hack in: Go/Rust/Python/Bash/Haskell.

Database/Persistence: PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch, Neo4j

Infrastructure: AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku for infrastructure. CircleCI, Ansible, Terraform for CI. ZeroTier, ZeroMQ, Nginx, Lambdas/Azure Functions for miscellaneous tasks.

PM/Collaboration: As an architect, you'll get input here, in conjunction with the Project manager. Current we use GitHub projects, Trello, G-Suite and Slack. 

Why you’d like to work here 
- Work with other high-caliber engineers - the PKC partners are engineers who enjoy solving the hardest technical problems
- Our blog is regularly featured on the front page of Hacker News
- Flexible working hours - as long as high-quality work gets done
- Easy-going, open office environment

- Monthly hackathons where you get to work on or collaborate on the project of your choice!
- We do pro-bono work - it’s not just about us
- Employer 3% matching SIMPLE IRA
- 100% coverage of PPO healthcare plan, including PPO dental and vision
- We’re security-focused


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