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Senior Javascript Developer

🏢 AdPushup 🌎 New Delhi, India 🕑 September 27

This job offer is expired


  •         A track record of being able to ship product, independently and/or as part of a small team.
  •         A strong body of prior front end work, including significant projects written in JavaScript.
  •         Mastery of JavaScript; expertise in most of the following technologies, and proficiency in all of them: jQuery, CSS, HTML5, AJAX.
  •         Deep understanding of closures, prototypal inheritance, DOM manipulation, HTTP, web security, cross browser compatibility challenges.
  •         Good at debugging using dev consoles, firebug, firecookie, or any of your favorite tools.
  •         Willingness to provide top-notch support to our customers - everyone at the company is involved in the support directly.


  •         Experience with ReactJS and NodeJS is an added advantage.
  •         Hands-on with a code repository like GIT.
  •         Familiar with project management tools like JIRA etc.
  •         Experience with NoSQL databases, preferably CouchDB/CouchBase


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