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Freelance React Native Developer – Immediate Start

Imperial Leisure
🏢 Imperial Leisure 🇬🇧 Greater London, United Kingdom 🕑 October 28

This job offer is expired

Immediate start. Can work remotely.

We are looking for a React Native developer to build a small mobile app, for charity, that will work on iOS and Android.

The app will let deaf people download a signed video of a speech that will be given at an event so that they can watch the signed video through the app when they attend the event - there will be no data connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) at the event, so the user will need to download the video before the event and play it back without data. Every week, there'll be a new event and a new video. The data in the app will be available through a JSON feed – e.g. the app will be able to pull the JSON feed detect the new video and download it.

Here's a summary of how the app will work:

  1. Every week, a new signed video of a speech will become available to download on the app.
  2. The user will download the video into the app and save the video in the app to watch later.
  3. When the user attends the event later on, s/he'll be open up the app and play the video. Please note there'll be no data connection at the event so the user has to be able to download and save the video and play it back without a data connection.
  4. There will be some other static sections within the app that provide some information about the charity and links to external sites.
  5. There will be a data collection from inside the app that will allow users to submit their personal details and name so that they can receive email notifications.


– There is no need for users to sign in or create accounts in the app.– All designs will be provided by us.– The app should be multilingual and support two languages.–  We'll host the videos.– We'd like to be able to deliver push messages and in-app messages to users through a tool such as One Signal


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