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Lead Software Engineer - JavaScript

🏢 Realtor.com 🇨🇦 Richmond, Canada 🕑 November 05

This job offer is expired

We’re a small, cross-functional team focused on home owners and sellers across the US. We call ourselves the “My Home” team. We are building new experiences to help people manage their current home, give confidence in the critical decision on when the right time to sell is, as well as facilitating a smooth transition to their new home. We also act as a think-tank within our organization, experimenting with new ideas and processes to bring to our larger group.

Our company Move, based in Silicon Valley, operates Realtor.com and is an industry leader in the homes-for-sale space. This has given us a strategic advantages in terms of content, and company management has dedicated significant resources towards building our team and products.

As the My Home team, we’re distributed around North America within Move offices in Santa Clara, Vancouver, New York, and Seattle. We care deeply about work-life balance, work collaboratively in a cross-disciplinary way, and strive for quick, small, iterative changes. Our vision is ambitious, and you will play a big role in shaping the future of our company’s owner and seller experiences.

We’re looking for a highly motivated engineer to join us. You’ll be exploring prototypes with our design team, designing and building new features in code, creating and consuming AWS services, working with databases, and pushing our products forward.

Where you’ll work
We have an office in Richmond, BC where there is a standing desk waiting for you.

How we code
We start off each week with a Monday morning Iteration Planning Meeting, where product, design, and engineering all get on the same page as to what we will be tackling. We generally do test driven development, but when that’s not practical we adjust and allow developers to go off and do some extended spiking. We do remote pairing when we need to do a knowledge transfer, or just to help each of us become better at another part of the stack. Everything is always branched on git, and is merged via pull request. When the code is merged, it goes onto a QA server, where we can do final checks, and it is eventually pushed to production.

Our stack
Everything we do is on AWS. Our main daily focus is on React apps built on Next.js and the APIs they talk to built on Node/Express. For testing we tend to use Jest for unit, testing-library/react for UI, and Cypress for integration.

What you'll be doing - Guiding a team of developers in...

  • Leading a team by example and with compassion.
  • Systems design - AWS CloudFormation, ECS, Lambda, RDS/Aurora, SNS/SQS, etc.
  • Developing Node.js APIs and services.
  • Developing React/Next.js apps - best practices around functional patterns, state management, hooks, SSR, styled-components, etc.
  • Unit, UI, and end-to-end testing practices.
  • Using Postgres - deployment and migrations via CloudFormation.
  • Using Git constantly - we favor a managed trunk-based workflow.

What we want from you

  • Technical leadership - you’re a seasoned professional with strong opinions, weakly held.
  • AWS knowledge. You really need to know CloudFormation.
  • JS skills. Lots of JS skills.
  • Deep knowledge of Node.js.
  • SQL experience (Postgres, maybe some PostGIS).
  • Translate our designers’ work into well-constructed JSX/CSS.
  • Architect/spin-up new infrastructure as needed.
  • Communicate clearly, and be able to share your knowledge and strategies with empathy and clarity.
  • Keep our collaborative process running smoothly: Write self-documenting code, review Pull Requests on GitHub, and solicit feedback from designers and PMs.


Diversity is important to us, therefore, realtor.com is an Equal Opportunity Employer regardless of age, color, national origin, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital status, status as a disabled veteran and/or veteran of the Vietnam Era or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. In addition, realtor.com will provide reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified disabled individuals.


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