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Software Engineer - Front End

🏢 Sainsbury's 🇬🇧 Manchester, United Kingdom 🕑 June 06

This job offer is expired

The Sainsbury’s Digital Team are looking for talented front end engineers to help build great apps and services for both customers and colleagues. You will work in cross-functional, collaborative teams that are empowered to create a beautiful application ecosystem that is consistent, reliable, secure and performant.

What I need to know

  • How to build web applications using JavaScript, preferably with ES6+ and component-based libraries such as React
  • A good knowledge of web technologies such as HTML and CSS
  • Some experience of testing using automated tools.

We also do the following - experience of any of these areas is great, but not required:

  • Using the React ecosystem to create beautiful, user-focused products
  • Automated testing using Jest, Enzyme and browser-based end-to-end tooling
  • Building elegant styling with Sass, using BEM and ITCSS methodologies
  • Using and contributing to our own design language and component library, Luna
  • Picking the best piece of technology for the task in hand - whether that’s Redux, GraphQL, or React Native
  • Releasing changes to our users as often as possible, with solid and performant pipelines

What I need to do

  • Write clean, well-structured and maintainable code
  • Write tests and adopt TDD / BDD where appropriate
  • Work within an empowered, cross-functional Agile team. Collaborate by taking part in code reviews, pairing and mob programming
  • Help us continuously improve our practices by ongoing collaboration and adaption within our product teams

How will I succeed

  • While not expecting exhaustive knowledge of all the technologies we use, a solid foundation in modern JavaScript (ES6+) is necessary
  • A commitment to user-focused design and a belief in the importance of user experience
  • Demonstration and promotion of good attitudes and behaviours, such as collaboration, learning, sharing, respect and motivation
  • Embrace a DevOps culture - we build and own the entire stack, and endeavour to automate as much as possible


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