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React Native developer to save the world from hunger

🏢 OLIO 🌎 Remote 🕑 June 08

This job offer is expired

Do you want to build generic tools all your life, or do you want to come with me and save the world?

Here at OLIO, we're tackling the massive global problems of:

  • food waste,
  • hunger,
  • social isolation

    ....all wrapped up into a neat device held in your very palm.

    We're at a very exciting time in our app development. Our current system was built using Ionic v1, it was built as a prototype and has had new functionality bolted on since then - to be honest, it's full of cruft! Ionic v1 is now end of life, and as we've also been working on a web-based version of OLIO, built on top of React, then now makes complete sense to start migrating our existing mobile apps to React Native so we can share as much code as possible.

    Technologies with work with are:

  • React / React Native

  • Redux / Thunks

  • JavaScript / ES6 / Babel

  • Service workers

  • CSS / SCSS

  • Internationalisation

  • Travis CI (we also buld docker images based off this)

  • Automated builds

  • Material design / Apple design guidelines

  • Google play metrics / App Store metrics

    We'd love to play with lots more technology (machine learning / AI) and so more staff means we also get more time to experiment and learn. Have a good idea, tell us about it, and if it makes sense you'll get a chance to work on it.

    In return you'll get to work with a great team (aren't we all?), a great amount of autonomy, unlimited holiday allowance, flexible/remote working (UK only right now I'm afraid), ownership in what you build, and knowing each day that you are making a huge difference.

    You'll be working with APi developers, designers, a product team, and providing instantly useful features for our internal team (therefore the community at large). We're a small, passionate team, and we're growing rapidly so you'll not only be involved heavily in the product but also the culture of the company at a very early stage. We release when a feature is ready for our users and not to some strict and repeating schedule.

    If you haven't heard of us, we're the world's only neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing app, and we've recently been featured in Apple's WWDC closing video, on BBC World Hacks, on Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast, and in publications all over the world. We get so much good publicity because what we are doing is so obvious and so important.


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