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Frontend engineer to fight Parkinson's, OCD, pain, depression, Epilepsy

Rune Labs
🏒 Rune Labs πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ San Francisco, CA, US πŸ•‘ April 20

This job offer is expired


Web Frontend engineering at Rune Labs

  • Challenging work on our ReactJS v16.8+ (entirely hook based) web app, allowing users to visualize and analyze signals recorded directly from inside the human brain (you read right), along with a universe of biometric data from medical wearables and our mobile apps.
  • You will be building tools that allow neuroscientists and clinicians to make discoveries, publish papers, and develop completely new therapies in the field of neuromodulation and Deep Brain Stimulation. Your work directly impacts patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, OCD, chronic pain, depressive disorder, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions.
  • An engineering environment that has kept up with technical debt from day one, and works hard to keep it that way. Our infrastructure is fully automated and our stack instrumented with observability, CI, CD, strong security practices, and a team experienced enough to know why those always matter
  • Work with the smartest and kindest folks in software engineering, neuroscience, and business development.
  • Be part of a culture of explicit ethical consideration to both ourselves and the patients whose data we are entrusted with.
  • Full health coverage and benefits for yourself and dependents
  • Across the street from Golden Gate park, pet-friendly office full of inquisitive pups, and all the free t-shirts you can wear. Enough said.

About you

  • At least 3 years of experience working on JavaScript web applications.
  • Strong understanding of CSS and the box model. You don’t need to be a designer, but...
    • You know how to code CSS given a design/mock, and can work directly with a designer to resolve questions and unblock yourself.
    • Understand baseline standards of modern UI: handling edge cases, errors states, navigation, permalink URLs
  • Familiarity with one of the following:
    • ReactJS 16.8+
    • AngularJS 2.0+
    • Other stateful, component-based JS web framework
  • Direct experience working on one of the following:
    • visualizing time-series data using D3 or other SVG library
    • dealing with high-cardinality data in the browser efficiently
    • serving mission-critical data accurately (e.g. medical, emergency services, financial, scientific)
    • building flexible UI that allow users to construct complex data queries iteratively
    • asynchronous (push-based) workflows, where users can run “jobs“
    • apps backed by a GraphQL API
  • Strong belief in automated unit, integration, and performance testing (despite everyone telling you “its the backend’s job to test“).
  • You understand why monitoring your features in production is just as important in the browser, as it is on the server.
  • Your code is well commented, well structured, readable, and maintainable by another human being. You have a strong sense of ownership, but don’t growl anytime someone comes near your code.
  • You are honest, speak your mind, and take the time to explain your thoughts and opinions, without being cruel, dismissive, condescending, or patronizing.


Visit our site to MEET THE TEAM and learn about OUR VALUES.

At Rune Labs, your work will directly forward the development of therapies and treatments of Parkinson’s Disease, OCD, Depression, Alzheimers, and other neurological conditions.

Rune Labs is a software and data platform that powers the important neuromodulation therapies of the future. We are working directly with both hardware manufacturers and well-known neuroscientists in the field of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to collect, process, and analyze signals recorded from implants inside the human brain and make them useful for therapy development and delivery.

As one of Rune's first frontend engineers, you will have the opportunity to work with data few people have seen before, and thousands of people rely on. Our mobile apps collect data broadcast directly from medical implants in the brain or on the spinal column, correlate it with biometrics from the Apple Watch and other wearables and sensors, and stream it to our cloud platform. You will enable research groups in UCSF, Duke, Brown, Stanford, and University of Washington (to name a few) to explore and analyze that data in advanced ways never before done through a modern, collaborative web app. There's even more, but we won't spoil it.

If you believe in instrumenting great user experiences, championing test-driven development, using the best tools for the job, keeping your code DRY, and cringe at the word “technical debt”, then please apply!


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