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Software JavaScript Engineer

🏢 Platform.sh 🌎 Remote 🕑 June 15

This job offer is expired

We're looking for a Javascript engineer with front-end application design experience, focused in this case around a new version of our user interface written with React, Redux, Webpack and our Javascript open source client. This is intended to be a "lightweight" application which talks exclusively to our back-end APIs for business logic, but which nonetheless has many moving parts and a lot of significant challenges in user experience design, components creation and information presentation -- the overall Platform ecosystem is complex and we are looking for a developer who is keen to solve those type of usability challenges.

Must have:

- Senior-level experience with Javascript front-end development, ideally comfortable building out a major application with React, Redux, Styled-components, Webpack, Nightwatch

- Desire to tackle user experience/interface design challenges from a high level user story view all the way to implementation

- Solid level of experience with web development patterns and the needs of engineers using a web app development & hosting tool

Nice to have:

- Familiarity with the other languages in our stack (Python, Go, PHP)

- Experience or interest in the "cloud computing" stuff that makes up our back end, anything from distributed computing to networking to devops stuff and the big box that is "make a bunch of Linux containers play nicely together"


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