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Senior Frontend Developer

Immediate Media
🏢 Immediate Media 🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom 🕑 January 31

This job offer is expired

Immediate Media is the special interest content and platform company, with brands like Radiotimes, BBC Good Food, Good Housekeeping, Cycling News, Top Gear, Lego Ninjago, and Jewellery Maker TV. We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to join the Weddings team to work on hitched.co.uk.

Hitched is the UKs Number One wedding website. We help people get married. Everything we do at work drives this happy outcome. Driven by so much opportunity in the wedding industry we are looking for passionate people to help us make a difference. Being owned by Immediate we can tap into the shared resource of a truly global brand, and focus on what makes our tools great for engaged couples, and wedding businesses.

At Immediate we are keen to promote equality and diversity with all of our roles, and we are supportive of people’s work-life balance, as such, for this role we are happy to discuss flexible working options.

If you join, you will grow with our agile teams and help us keep relevant in a dynamic marketplace. We would expect you to have experience of working in an agile team, releasing daily features, helping a team to understand the user and take decisions on how to improve the ways of working. Applicants are expected to have a deep level of knowledge in writing javascript (preferably ES6 or Typescript), HTML templating systems (like JSX or Handlebars) and CSS (preferably CSS Grid Layout), as well as experience in frontend practices like React, Vue or Angular.

Ideal candidates also show some of the following behaviours….

  • You enjoy working with your colleagues and understand that the best way to develop solutions is through the team.
  • You will have experience of using a pre-compilation step for javascript and CSS (we currently use gulp and webpack to bundle Typescript and SCSS).
  • You will be a good mentor, being able to coach junior frontend developers to pick up new skills and deliver features that fit the coding standards.
  • You are adaptable to change and driven by a desire to make the development process more efficient.
  • You will be proactive at updating coding standards as the team evolves, and ruthless in removing standards that are out of date.
  • You have experience of writing automated tests, and can justify their use.
  • You are not afraid to touch backend code, and have experimented with node, php or .net

Joining us will allow you to

  • Continue to stay up to date with emerging technologies
  • Influence a group of frontend developers who look to you as a mentor
  • Collaborate as part of the wider group, influencing key brands in print, web and TV
  • Service the wedding industry, making tools that help people plan their lives together

And we will benefit by being able to

  • Help more people get married
  • Nurture businesses in the wedding industry
  • Hit 20 million customers across the business
  • Make a bit of money doing it


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