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Senior Software Engineer II

Lonely Planet
🏢 Lonely Planet 🇺🇸 Nashville, TN, US 🕑 June 21

This job offer is expired

Senior Software Engineer II

Lonely Planet is looking for a Senior Software Engineer with great frontend skills to join our wonderfully talented engineering team.

This developer will help write new features, expand existing ones, and be a core part of the team responsible for revamping Lonely Planet's web product line and maintaining a culture of learning and growth. We've got some great things in the works, and would love for you to be apart of of making it happen.

Ideally, we're looking for someone with excellent JavaScript capabilities. While this role is mainly focused on frontend technologies, we seek someone comfortable with the full stack.  We're using the latest and greatest tooling and libraries including WebPack, React, Redux, Babel, Express, and Node.

While this role does have a strong individual contributor component to it, the defining quality of a Senior Engineer at Lonely Planet  is not entirely based on technical ability or experience, but rather on how well they are able to elevate others. They must empower the team to deliver quality results through mentoring, pair programming, code reviews, planning, and technical direction. They must also maintain a strong individual contribution and understand the tradeoffs between technical, analytical and product needs, and strive to create solutions that satisfy all of these goals.

Senior Engineer Traits

Exhibits leadership and influence well beyond themselves.

  • This leadership comes in the form of mentoring, exemplary code quality/delivery, and an exceptionally strong individual contribution.
  • Help cultivate an environment of lifelong learning and an eagerness to continually perfect our craft.
  • They are involved in contributing to the standards for the entire engineering organization and providing technical advice and decision-making that affects not only their group but other teams or the engineering department at large.
  • Research and propose new technologies, and have a broad understanding of the entire architecture, as well as very detailed understanding of their domain of responsibilities.

They proactively identify and clean up technical debt.

  • Whenever operating in an area of our many codebases, a senior engineer will take the opportunity to unwind the twisted paths and improve code legibility, reduce coupling, and increase cohesion — before it turns into a long-term problem — and encourage and enable their team to do the same.
  • They will also maintain a high level of unit, integration, and functional tests to increase code confidence and reduce defect regressions.

Technical Skills

  • Git / Github
  • JavaScript / Typescript
  • Jasmine/Mocha/Jest/Sinon
  • React
  • Webpack
  • Redux
  • Babel
  • CSS/Sass
  • HTML
  • Node.js / Express
  • Redis
  • Postgres
  • Docker
  • AWS (S3, EC2, ECS/ECR, SQS, SNS, RDS, ElasticCache/Search)
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes

Compensation and Benefits

This is an exceptional opportunity to work with a growing team in a globally loved brand in a truly global company, with offices in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland, China & India. You will also receive 3 weeks of vacation, a competitive salary based on your experience and region, 401K, and great medical coverage.


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